How to Replace a Treadmill Belt?

If your treadmill belt is worn or damaged, you may be wondering how to replace it. Replacing the belt on your treadmill can be a tricky process if you don’t know what you’re doing, so here are some simple step-by-step instructions that will help you get the job done quickly and easily. Intended Audience: DIYers and home gym owners. Learn How to Replace a Treadmill Belt?

How to Replace a Treadmill Belt?

Step 1: Unplug the Treadmill from the Power Source

Before attempting any repairs or maintenance on your treadmill, make sure it is unplugged from the power source. This will help prevent electrocution and other hazards. If you have an emergency stop switch installed, make sure to press it before beginning work.

Step 2: Remove the Old Treadmill Belt

Once your treadmill is unplugged, you can begin removing the old belt. Start by unscrewing any bolts that are securing the motor hood to the frame of the treadmill. Once they are removed, carefully lift off the motor hood and set it aside. Next, locate and remove any screws that secure the cover of the conveyor deck to its frame. Once these screws have been removed, slide off the cover and set it aside as well. Finally, carefully detach both ends of the old belt from their respective pulleys by pulling them away slowly and steadily until they come loose. Carefully fold up and discard your old belt once it has been detached from its pulleys.

Step 3: Install The New Treadmill Belt

Now that your old belt has been removed, you can install a new one! Start by placing one end of the new belt onto its corresponding pulley at one end of your conveyor deck (the front or rear). Then gently loop it around each successive pulley until both ends meet together again at their original starting point. Make sure that all parts are properly aligned before continuing with this step—if not, then straighten out any kinks in order for them to fit correctly together. When everything is lined up properly, use pliers to secure each end tightly onto its relevant pulley using cable ties or zip ties (whichever type of tie fits best). Be sure not to pull too tightly when doing this so as not to damage either side of your new belt.

Step 4: Reattach Motor Hood & Conveyor Deck

Cover Once both ends of your new treadmill belt have been secured onto their respective pulleys with ties/zip ties, reassemble all parts back into place in reverse order of how they were taken apart (motor hood first then conveyor deck cover). Make sure all screws/bolts are tight enough but not too tight as this could cause damage to either part over time! Finally plug in your machine back into its power source and give it a test run – if everything works fine then congrats! You’ve successfully replaced a treadmill belt yourself.


Replacing a treadmill belt requires careful attention to detail and patience – but if done correctly it can extend your machine’s life significantly! With these easy steps in mind anyone should be able to replace their own treadmills’ belts without any trouble whatsoever – all while saving themselves money on expensive service fees! Additionally always remember safety first when dealing with electric appliances like treadmills – always unplug them before making any repairs/maintenance for optimal safety results! Thanks for reading our guide on how to replace a treadmill belt – we hope now you feel confident enough in tackling this task yourself next time around! Good luck with getting back up running again soon 🙂

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