How to Use Move to Ios?

Are you considering making the switch from Android to an iPhone? With Apple’s Move to iOS app, switching from one device to another has never been easier. Let’s break down how this convenient tool works and how you can use it. learn How to Use Move to Ios?


How to Use Move to Ios?

What is Move to iOS?

Move to iOS is a free application that transfers data from your Android phone or tablet over to your new iPhone. This includes contacts, calendar events, email accounts, photos, videos, web bookmarks and more. The process is quick and secure; all of your transferred data will be encrypted with a secure key so no one else can access it while in transit. In addition, the app will suggest apps on the App Store that are similar to the ones you had on your Android device.

How do I Use Move To iOS?

Using Move To iOS is easy! Simply download it onto your Android device first and then follow these steps:

  1. On the iPhone or iPad that you’re transferring data to, start setting up your device until you get to the “Apps & Data screen”. Tap “Move Data from Android”.
  2. On your Android device, open the Move To iOS app and tap “Continue”. Read through the Terms & Conditions and tap “Agree” if you accept them; if not, tap Disagree and uninstall the app.
  3. On both devices enter a twelve-digit code that appears on each device’s screen; once they match, hit continue on both screens again.
  4. Select which data you want transferred over (contacts, calendars etc) and wait for everything to be transferred over; when complete hit ‘Done’ – simple as that!


Making the switch from an Android device to an Apple product doesn’t have to be difficult anymore – thanks in part to Apple’s convenient Move To iOS app! This handy little tool makes transferring all of your important information simple and secure – just download it onto your old phone or tablet before setting up your new iPhone or iPad and let it take care of the rest! If you’re considering switching from an Android device over to an Apple product soon, definitely check out Move To iOS for a smooth transition between devices!

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